[Emerald] Emerald / SQL Problem?

Adam Greene ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 10:51:20 -0500


I use Seagate BackupExec 7.0 with an SQL module to backup our Emerald
database each night. This morning I found this error in our logs:

Consistency checking Emerald
There was a problem running the DBCC.
SQL Server returned the following error message:

Allocation Discrepancy: Page is allocated but not linked; check the
following pages and ids: allocation pg#=15872 extent id=16024 logical
pg#=16028 object id on extent=1545056540 (object name = Calls) indid on

Do you have any idea what this could mean, or what I should check to make
sure the Emerald database is functioning properly? Maybe it's a problem
with Seagate BackupExec and not Emerald/SQL.

I'm running SQL Server 6.5 and Emerald 2.1.8.

Thanks for your help,

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