Re: [Emerald] remote client

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 10:06:06 -0800

Brad Teague wrote:
> Hello, I have recently installed the Emerald client on my machine at home to
> try and test out how well Emerald would work over a distanced connection.
> This would give me a good idea of speed performance for our other offices in
> the region that will have to connect to Emerald, etc, etc...
> Anyway, I got everything installed correctly as far as I know and I can
> connect to the Emerald database and login. However, once I am logged in, I
> can't see any accounts. I click on the "Accounts" button and nothing
> happens. ... I actually vaguely remember someone saying something kind of
> like this once before, a quite awhile ago, but I don't remember if this was
> what their problem was. This was a clean install of everything onto my
> machine at home.. the machine has win95a on it if that is useful. On another
> (and probably related) note, when I try to use the EmeraldAdmin from home, I
> can log in, but when I try to do anything, I get a dialog box that says,
> "Unexpected Error, Error Code 30005" ... I'm not sure if that is the right
> error code number right now, I can't remember. That should give you the idea
> though in case anyone else has seen it. When I click "OK" on that dialog
> box, EmeraldAdmin closes.

The blank tab problem is a known issue with the version of the
tabctl32.ocx file with Emerald 2.1. See this URL to the information
on how to correct it:

I've seen the error before, but it typically is a result of either
not have the SQL client configured/installed or not running the full
install for the minor rev (like running 2.2 with only the full 2.1


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