[Emerald] Emerald 2.5.255 problems

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 19:30:18 -0500

Emerald Admin 2.5.255
1. When adding a new Billing Cycle, the sort-order is not saved as entered
the user. Once it's been created, the sort-order can be modified from the
default of "1".

Emerald 2.5.255
1. When batch-creating invoices, the invoice generation is very slow per
invoice (much slower than previous versions of 2.5). During this
generation, CPU utilization is at 1-3%.

2. After the invoices have been generated and they are to be batch-printed,
CPU utilization jumps to 99% for Emerald.exe for the duration that the
Crystal Reports print-preview window is open. As soon as you tell it to
print (invoking the small "Print" window), the utilization drops to a normal
level. When the "Print" window goes away (either by printing or hitting
Cancel) and the CR print-preview window is again in the forground,
Emerald.exe uses 99% of the CPU until this window is closed.
This appears to not have any effect on other applications running--it
doesn't take control over everything like Dr. Watson does.

3. The Batch window opens up full-sized instead of whatever size it was
when it was last closed.

4. Invoices cannot be found when printing from the Batch area of Emerald if
"Force Client to only use Global Reports" is checked in the Reports section
of Emerald Admin--Client Configuration. In earlier versions of Emerald 2.5,
this was also a problem when printing reports from the Reports section of
Emerald 2.5, but it appears as if this portion has since been fixed. All
..rpt files are located at "\\servername\reports\Emerald 2.5" and have been
removed from the Emerald Client's "\Program Files\Emerald" directory. If
that checkbox is unchecked, Emerald finds the reports in the same UNC path
without any problems.

5. The Reports window doesn't save the last-adjusted width for the Report
name column. In other words, if you make the width of the Report name's
column header larger, then close the window and reopen it, you have to slide
it over again to see the complete report name (if it's a long one).

Testing machine:
NT 4 Workstation, SP4; Pentium II 333, 128MB RAM
SQL Server 6.5 SP5, MDAC 2.0 SP1
SQL Memory: 40MB (Calls table is empty; Calls consolidation is not used)
SQL tempdb: 20MB in RAM

Josh Hillman

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