[Emerald] SQL7 & Emerald

Albert Churba ( Albert@dialisdn.com )
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 02:37:11 -0500


I want to move our Emerald Database to SQL7. Most of the reason for this
transition is due to a failed server. I was able to restore a 2 day old
backup onto another SQL 6.5 machine, yet that is not a production machine.
We currently run RadiusNT version 2.2.41 7/27/97. Any attempts to install
the new database version of Emerald 2.5x fail apparently due to data types.
I would also like to import the data into SQL7, yet that fails too. We
started with Emerald 2.1.11 as the database schema, and I see many
enhancements to the new schema. Have you prepared any white papers on such a
transition? I have to date converted 350 hosted SQL sites from 6.5 to 7.0
without any problems, yet Emerald is baffling me. BTW, I really like SQL

We also want to finally implement Emerald for billing. We still have been
doing it the pre Emerald way. This is now totally out of control for us. We
have been looking into AuthorizeNet and want to toss IC Verify. Have you
added any additional support for such systems (I can supply web based code
if needed)? Since we never closed or billed from Emerald, the Calls table
now contains 6.7 million records. Anytime I have issued a SQL statement to
delete records based on a date range, SQL craps out. This brings me to
another point. Trying to use just the text mode with RadiusNT for the
Emerald generated users file, RadiusNT fails to load. Has this ever been
fixed? Also, it wants license information and doesn't accept the Emerald
keys. If I take the SQL ODBC version off-line, the text only version does
not load. How can I correct this? Taking the SQL off-line to fix the Calls
table seems to be a prerequisite.


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