Re: [Emerald] Crystal Reports Question

Adam Greene ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 12:08:20 -0500

I know that Crystal Reports 5.0 has a "Select Expert" which allows you to
select what records will be included in the report.

You can select all accounts for which {MasterAccounts.PayMethod} = "Credit
Card" for example, as Ronnie said.

If you want to see how to write the formula to select those records, you can
use the Select Expert first, and then click on the "Show Formula" button
while still on the "Select Expert" screen.


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> I'm writing a report for my boss and I'm having trouble with a formula.
>How would I return only fields that have a certain value? I want to return
>list of all my credit card customers.
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