RE: [Emerald] Stable v2.5 yet!

David Edwards ( )
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 19:21:16 -0800

OK another FYI.

Overall I have had good luck with 2.5. Then again, since I've been using
Emerald for over 2 years, I might be more able to deal with its
peculiarities. Have I had trouble with 2.5? Yes, but most of that has
been because of the prior versions of Emerald allowing me to be a little
more sloppy with my accounting. 2.5 is much more particular about having
the accounting set up right, just as it says in the docs.

Is it worthwhile to upgrade to 2.5? It depends. If a previous version of
Emerald fulfills all of your needs, no reason to upgrade. But if your
current version of Emerald has some shortcomings, copy your Emerald
database to another server (or the same server) , upgrade it to 2.5, and
hammer on it for a week, run consolidations, try batch billing, etc. That
will tell you if its worthwhile to upgrade or not.


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