RE: [Emerald] HyperARC and RadiusNT

Tom Bilan ( Tom@TDI.NET )
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 08:29:52 -0500

It's a problem with the HiperARC. Their port numbering is retarded.

I complained to USR a year ago about this and they added the commands:

USR/3com defaults to 256 per port and if you are running hiper DSPs you need
to change that to 24. If you're running quad modem cards it's 4. If you
have both HiperDSPs and Quads in the same chassis they you need to set it to
24 (the highest of the two).

Tom Bilan
TDI Internet

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From: Billy Huddleston []
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 1999 8:41 PM
Subject: [Emerald] HyperARC and RadiusNT

Just upgraded from a Total Control NetSever to a HyperARC with HyperDSP
cards and Quad Modem cards.
I've been resarching the archives and find that lots of people have been
having problems with
the way 3Com does the port numbering. Has anyone figured this out? My first
23 modems are
showing up in my online calls okay, but as far as I can tell, the second
card is about 1000
ports above the first one. Anyone have any ideas? Also, How are you suppose
to configure the
accounting and radius setup in the TC? I've got it using Ascend for the
"radius type" and
have Enable Hint Assigned and Enable AcctG checked, (didn't check the Enable
Acct Interval)

Thanks, Billy Huddleston

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