[Emerald] Mailonly filter not working!!!!

Franco Nogarin - Cascade Publishing ( (no email) )
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 16:23:37 -0700

Hi, since I upgraded to Emerald 2.5 (229) and radius NT 2.5 (151),

My mail only clients (Using same old mailonly.in filter in my protmaster 2)
can now surf anywhere they want.

I checked the filter in the PM2e and it still looks like this:

show fil mailonly.in
1 permit tcp dst eq 25
2 permit tcp dst eq 110
3 permit udp dst eq 53
4 permit tcp dst eq 80
5 permit icmp
6 permit icmp
7 permit tcp dst eq 25
8 permit tcp dst eq 110
9 permit tcp dst eq 80

My mail server and DNS server are
My sec DNS server is

My Email Only service has a service default filter of mailonly.in

and when client logs in the debug radiusnt shows the filter being used.

Any reason this should be out to lunch?


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