[Emerald] SQL Question

Alexander Blauvelt ( online@olg.com )
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 10:03:23 -0500

Dale and other SQL gurus,

The conversion program we have didn't convert a lot of the information
when we converted from Access to Emerald. I'm using access to build an
update queries to convert things like startdates and billing types. The
problem is building a relationship between Access table and the SQL
table and then update the right fields. I'm no SQL guru like dale, so
I must rely on access to build statements for me. For example, I want
to update the startdates from one system to the other, access generated
me this sql statement:

UPDATE dbo_MasterAccounts INNER JOIN MasterAccounts ON
(dbo_MasterAccounts.LastName = MasterAccounts.LastName) AND
(dbo_MasterAccounts.FirstName = MasterAccounts.FirstName) SET
dbo_MasterAccounts.CreateDate = MasterAccounts.CreateDate
WHERE (((MasterAccounts.CreateDate) Is Not Null));

Would this update masteraccounts with the startdates from access ?

Alex Blauvelt
Online Gateway

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