[Emerald] Script for SQL login insertion - Quite long

david leigh ( (no email) )
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 15:31:08 +0800

Hi All

I have been looking at ways of importing users that we already have on a
Unix system into the Emerald database schema, and have been wondering how to
do it with iSQL/w.

Looking at the scripts provided with RadiusNT there is one which show the
creation of a default test accounts MasterBillingRecord and SA with the

INSERT MasterAccounts VALUES('Test', 'Test', 1, NULL, 0, 0)

INSERT SubAccounts VALUES(1, 1, 'test', NULL, NULL, 'Test', 'Test', 'PPP',
'test', NULL, 0, 1, NULL)

This results in a customer with Customer ID 1 and Account ID 1.

My questions are as follows:

1) What would be the syntax for doing the same thing into a standard Emerald
2.5.227 database (fresh install - no upgrade).
2) What would be the fields that were essential to put in? Obviously
First/Last name on the MBR, and login on the SA - but any others?
3) What would you use in situations where you didn't want to add data but
only wanted to leave the field blank? NULL - or would some fields have other
4) Could you use diffent CustomerID numbers than the 0,1,2... - being *nix
there is already assigned customer numbers which begin at 500 and which
would be handy to keep.
5) Do you have to use unique SA numbers - or is the first service of any MBR
always 1 and the others increment by 1?
6) The above two really are asking - can you screw with the numbers even
though the tables identify them as AUTONUMBER - am I looking for trouble?

I'm sure that dozens of people here must have been through the process of
converting across *nix passwd files, so if you have any knowledge to share
with young disciples I'd be very grateful to hear it.

David Leigh

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