[Emerald] Strange things... PLEASE RESPOND!!

Billy Huddleston ( (no email) )
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 16:34:08 -0500


PLEASE RESPOND!!! I've sent several email now on different things and
haven't got any replies.

Just ran consolidation and got some STRANGE things going on.
First, I had It bombed on me the first two times because my log database as
too small.. Increased it to 25 megs. (Then restored my database from a
backup) Then ran consolidation again without problems.
I followed the steps, Updated the Calls Table, Ran the summary, then the
consolidation, then ran invoices.

Now, Invoices are showing some strange things..
1) When running invoices I would get this error.
DBLibrary: 10011 Column number out of Range.
I would get 2 per invoice. (Does the during Auto-Batch/Manual Batch too)
2) When I look at a invoice.. It has 2 line items, both are identical and
the total
amount ends up being DOUBLE what it should be. (For Over Charge Invoices)
3) The dates on the invoices doesn't makes sense, I ran the consolidation
for the first month,
but the invoice gives me a date of 2/24/99. Is that right??
4) Doesn't appear to be calculating tax in the line items for over charges.
5) I'm not sure that it's picking up everyone. I've came across several
people who don't have
anything in the history tab whom I know have been online.
6) Once again, Auto-Batch doesn't seam to work correctly, seams to skip over
people who have ANY history in there records.
7) I've got a online signup that takes credit cards, makes the MBR, and
service record, and adds a charge for their setup fee's. When I ran my
weekly invoices and stuff something strange happened. I got 2 invoices, one
is a "credit card" invoice
and one is a normal invoice. The CC invoice had 1 line item which was the
service, and showed a previous balance which was the setup fee. The normal
invoice had the setup charge. I kinda like this, cause that means that the
autobatch with the CC's will pickup both.. however, the extra invoice is
confusing, and the cc invoice doesn't have the setup in the line items. What
can we do about this?

Please Please Please Comment on these subjects.. This is starting to
aggravate me.

I'm running Emerald 2.25.336

Thanks, Billy

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