[Emerald] Statistics Server 5.0 and Emerald charging for web sites.

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 08:41:28 -0500

Hi dale,

After finding THE BEST web site analysis software, Statistics Server 4.2, I
noticed that there was no support for ODBC yet within the software. Well I
will be contacting the company today to ask if they can add this support
with their new version 5.0 that is currently in Beta. Trust me this is one
of the FASTEST Real-time Web analysis software out there... I can get
information about a website from a 5GB IIS Log file in under 3 seconds.

Then came to mind about Emerald. If Emerald is the True ISP Package system,
how come there is no direct support or relations/setup/configuration for a
website statistics server where it would do searches by anniversary dates or
1st of the month. What I am getting to is that I would like to have Emerald
Manage the following features to make it the UNBEATABLE Hands Down solution
for both ISP and IWP. To be able to query Mediahouse's Statistical Server
for the amount of megs/gigs used per month and to be able to do the whole
remote setup of the service from within Emerald. This way I do not need to
run from one system to another to do this.

BTW: Great work on Emerald. Love to see more features like this though...

Rudy Komsic

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