Re: [Emerald] IMAIL 5.0 - Any progress?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 00:14:41 -0800

david leigh wrote:
> About a week ago there was a huge flurry of interest regarding IMail 5.0 and
> the development of a dll for usage with RadiusNT.
> Since then not much has been said.
> - We know that Ipswitch has been in contact with Dale.
> - We know that Dale has said he wanted to develop this dll
> - Is there any progress being made? Is this a doable project? I'd dearly
> like it to be so as I am an Imail user - but either way I'd like to know how
> things are looking so I can start making some decisions about where to head
> from here.

I am was suppose to talk to one of the developer's from IMail today, but
didn't get a chance to. There are a couple of issues iwth IMail and the
DLL that I am working on. The first is that I can't get a configuration
to work as I would think it does. This is most likely a problem on my
part, but is preventing me from going any further on the testing of the
Emerald patches to the ODBC DLL. I should have some better information
to report by weeks end, as I will be setting up IMail on another machine
and hopefully resolving some of the my initiail configuration issues

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