Re: [Emerald] Y2k Issues

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 07:50:12 -0800

David Ford wrote:
> Expiry dates etc are retained in 2 digit years, how do we switch this to
> four digit years, and if radius NT will accept a certain rollover period
> when does it decide that an account has expired,
> ie 1/1/2001 is auto converted to to 1/1/01 if I tell radNT the expiry date
> is 1/1/01 when does it decide the date has expired /04, /50, /95 what?

With Emerald 2.5, you can go to your Control panel and change the
display of dates to include a four digit year rather than a two digit
year. All dates are stored Y2K compliant by SQL Server from Emerald.
Two digit years follow the date computations that is defined by Windows.

Since the dates are stored correctly, there is no issue with RadiusNT.

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