[Emerald] consolidation problem

Nada Syriani ( (no email) )
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 17:50:14 +0200


I am in the final stage of migration and I encountered some
problems in Emerald. I did the following:

1) I migrated some customers to Emerald
2) I have invoiced the month of feb 99
3) I have allowed users connecting to Emerald and generate calls
4) I have run the updatecalls script from Emerald admin
5) I changed the date of our SQL server to 1 march 99
6) I run the preinvoicing : summary then charges.
7) I checked the charges table and no charges were added even
though the customers have dialed in for more than the standard
time of the rate.
8) I then run the auto batch invoicing and the following error
occured : dblibrary: 10011 column number out of range.
9) In case I choose the type of invoicing credit card for example,
and I run the billing the next month subscription is applied to the
customer but without the charges.

Thank you for your prompt reply,
MIS Department,
IncoNet SAL.

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