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On Fri, 29 Jan 1999 wrote:

> Dale does Trim delete all records? or just Null and Start records?

It deletds all records.

> I had months 1-12 (Age Monthly, hit SHOW) listed and I highlighted one
> and hit trim and it wiped them all all I show when I do a
> show AGE:ALL is month 1 and 12

The trim does everything before the date you specify.

> On a side note I changed my SQL memory to 102400 in server config
> options which should give me 200mb since it's in 2k units. Strange
> thing is sql memory usage doesn't seem to go above 143448K in
> TaskManager.

Choose show Columns and look at the Virtual Memory. It should
be around the 200mb range.

> Only hitch so far is we will have to go add back service defaults as
> it seems to wipe them all out.

This should be fixed in the lastest scripts.

> Oh one more thing so now that consolidation doesn't lock out people
> from authenticating with accounting too are there any processes or
> steps in Emerald that will cause people not to authenticate or their
> accounting packets not come in while Emerald is doing that process?
> I.E. CheckDB? Trim Calls?

Deleting calls from the Calls table will still cause a lock on
the calls table.

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