Re: [Emerald] IMail 5.0 and Emerald
Thu, 28 Jan 99 20:52:05 +0000


It isn't available for download. I had to purchase it in order to get it. I
would be happy to email the file to you if you like, for testing purposes I
think that would be appropriate. I would also be willing to test the dll on my
test system if you want.


James Martin wrote:
> We purchased IMail 5.0 today and I have it setup on a test machine. Feature

WHERE did you get the 5.0 from? I can't find anywhere. I have an
of the DLL available that should work with Emerald, but I can't test it
without 5.0.

> wise it is a great program but I think it is going to be difficult to make
> work with Emerald. The dll expects the following fields to exist:
> userid
> password
> fullname
> userdir
> mailaddr
> maxsize
> maxmsgs
> flags
> apparently they are all required. IMail must be told where to create each
> mailbox and it requires a user called root be in the database. Dale do you
> think there is any hope for matching these two up? We purchased the
> software net 30 so if it will not work we will go with MailSite but refer
> IMail.

I just updated the DLL to use Emerald tables rather than the fields that
they specify. From what I gather, you can have a different table per
domain. What I did is use the Table name specifier as a domain
and then you can specify the domain for each virtual host (as you
the domains in Emerald).

There are several functions in the DLL like CreateTable, UpdateUser,
etc that are for the admin to create and maintain the database. I just
set all these to fail since Emerald should be in charge of these and
not IMail.

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