Re: [Emerald] Unix Sendmail and Emerald... again

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 20:59:48 -0800

Griswold Wayne wrote:
> I should have been clearer in my question: We are now running Emerald and
> Post.Office on NT and are looking to migrate our Mail to SendMail on Unix.

The implementation we are doing with Inreach that Danny it talking about
includes a custom application co-written by us (the ODBC/Emerald side of
it) and a developer on thier side (the unix modification). It basically
handles updating the passwd and shadow files in sync with adding,
and deleting users from Emerald. I'm hoping to make this available for
others to custmize once we get everything ironed out.

Sendmail typially just uses your passwd file for users. You can the
shell for the user to a script or something else to prevent them from
logging in. You could also modify the script to work with smusers
than your passwd file. The program does have support for creating
crypt passwords as well.

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