[Emerald] New version of Imail from Ipswitch with ODBC support

MikeK@NetDotCom ( (no email) )
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 10:45:10 -0500

Dale and Others:

Ipswitch, makers of Imail has just released version 5 which includes support
for ODBC auth and other features.


This is what we will be upgrading to, in addition to currently eval'ing

I hope Dale might find the time to possibly incorporate Imail as an External
System like NTMail.

Mike K

Below is the ODBC info from IMail support for Dales' perusal:


IMail 5.0 provides a means of interfacing with external
database through a dynamic link library that is defined
for each host.

This external user database is designed to be used with
ODBC, but in reality it can support any method of external
database by modification of the "odbcuser.dll". The
complete source for this DLL is provided upon request
from Ipswitch or on our web site.

IMail supports the use of up to 10 different DLL's. Using
our provided DLL, you can have an unlimited number of
tables within a DLL. Each DLL is loaded on demand and
remains loaded after first load until all applications
using IMAILSEC.DLL are stopped.

Specifically, in the IMail control panel applet, Global
tab, press the Virtual Host Admin button. For each
defined host you have a choice of one of three user

1. IMail User Database
2. local NT User Database
3. External User Database

When you select the "External User Database", the
"Configure..." button is activated. Pressing the configure
button presents a dialog where the external database is

The first option is where you specify the FULL pathname
to the DLL that exports the following functions:


(refer to the "odbcuser.h" file for full explanation of
these functions.)

The second option is where you specify the ODBC System
Data Source Name for the database where the user information
is stored.

The third option is where you specify the table name for
the data. This defaults (if the field is blank or contains
"[default]") to the host name with periods replaced by

These three options are written to a registry entry under
the domain named "AuthDatabaseDLL". The three entries are
concatenated with an asterisk (*) as the separator.

Default ODBC Tables
The default ODBC table consists of 7 entries:

USERID - text
USERDIR - text
MAXSIZE - integer
MAXMSGS - integer
FLAGS - integer

The provided implementation expects these entries to be
in sequence. Additional information (after flags) MAY
exist in the table.

Modification of the ODBCUSER.DLL
The source for ODBCUSER.DLL is provided in the ZIP
file "odbcuser.zip".

Any language may be used to write the ODBCUSER.DLL
provided it exports the necessary routines with the
proper arguments and calling stack type. The provided
source and project files are written for MS Visual C++
4.1. Please refer to "odbcuser.h" and "codbc.cpp"
for additional information.

Table modifications may be made in "CreateTable",
"InsertUser", "UpdateUser", and "GetUser". Note
that entry sequence is defined in "CreateTable"
and "GetUser".

Note that this DLL can be named anything you wish
and the name of the dll must be relayed to IMail
as specified under "Configuration" above.

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