Re: [Emerald] Print Button missing from MBR

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 15:00:57 -0800

Rudy Komsic wrote:
> >> Just was wondering why the print button was missing when you open up a MBR?
> >> Could it be possible to add it again? It ends up being easy to work with
> it.
> >
> >It was moved to the pull down menu "File...Print" to try and un-clutter
> >the user edit window.
> >
> Could you actually make it a hotkey so that we can just hit CTRL-P to print?
> Also, When a MBR or Service has been added or removed from a client's file,
> could you please add a feature when someone closes the MBR Window, it will ask
> if you would like to print the record. The reason for this would be to help
> out with Client record files that we file in our binders. We need this
> feature since not everyone will remember to print every client.

What I would do here is create a special version of the account.rpt
that prints say services with a sign date greater than or equal to
Then you can print that at the end of the day to pick up all the new


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