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( dan@dmn.com.au )
Thu, 24 Dec 1998 11:14:11 +0800


I could not add any attribute to any default Radius Attributes in EMERALD,
it always come up:

SQL Server Error: 213 Insert error: column name or number of supplied values
does not match table definition.
State=4, Severity=16

Affter that I will loose all the setting for that default. I assume when I
tried to save, the EMERALD runs a DELETE statement first and then when it
runs a INSERT statement, something was wrong in the table definition or
INSERT statement. Could you supply a solution?


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From: Nathan Chan <chan@xsi.com.au>
To: dan@dmn.com.au <dan@dmn.com.au>
Date: Thursday, December 24, 1998 11:35 PM
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G'Day Dan,

You need to make the Framed-Address = so that the
Tigris will assign an IP.

I noticed that wasn't in your PPP Profile.


> I changed some setting in the Tigris, it was talking to RADIUSNT now, but
it come up the error as attached. It could not get an IP from Tigris.
> Regards,

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