Re: [Emerald] Emerald -> PC Authorize -> Emerald

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 15:32:23 -0800

Alexander Blauvelt wrote:
> Dale and others,
> Now that we have gotten past the Emerald -> PC authorize problem with
> the newest binaries, we're having a problem going from PC Auth ->
> Emerald. We are using PC Authorize CardService edition "V 1,1,2,0" that
> uses a binary file format for its batch files. We are able to Import
> into PC authorize using its built in import feature, however the problem
> is now getting that back out into Emerald. Again we have to use PC
> Authorizes' Export feature to get it to a text file. The emeraldadm.doc
> has a very poor listing of what Emerald is looking for in the batch out
> file.

Actually, it just tells you the fields that Emerald Needs. The other
fields are irrelevant.

> The document says that we need field 1 to be Transaction ID, Field 3 to
> be the response code and Field 4 to be the approval code. It also says
> there are a total of 7 fields and doesn't give any description of the
> others. I assume emerald ignores them.

Yes. They can be anything. The original spec comes from the default
if I remember right.

> PC authorize doesn't use the exact names of the fields that is listed in
> the document so I assuming for the moment my problem is I'm having
> trouble choosing which fields to export back to emerald. What i need to
> know is what exactly is emerald looking for in those 3 fields so I can
> choose the right fields from PC Auth to send back to Emerald.

1: The TransactionID that Emerald sent to PC Authorize in Field #1 of
import file. I'm really not sure what PC Authorize calls it
comment, note, etc). Check the import format for the name.

3: This is the response code field. Usually this is a field that
a description of the results of the transaction. Emerald records
field back into the database for tracking the transaction at a later
time (in the ps2000 database field).

4: This is usually a an approvale code start with "A" followed by a six
character number (the approval code) if the transaction succeeded.

I believe 2 was the date/time of the transaction and 6 and 7 where the
CustumerID and InvoiceID (fields 10 and 11 of the import file).

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