[Emerald] PC Authorize by Tellan

Greg Keys ( (no email) )
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 13:30:44 -0500

Dale, I am having a problem with CreditCard Batching.
In the Emerald Administrator, I have set the Client, External, CC Batch
option to PC Authorize
When I go back and look at it the setting has returned to a blank.

When we run a batch out from Emerald (2.5 RC3)the resulting file has:
line 1: cc1,cc1,cc1,cc1 (various fileds here, no problem)
line 2: cc1,cc1,cc1,cc1,cc2,cc2,cc2,cc2 (repeats the first customer)
line 3: cc1,cc1,cc1,cc1,cc2,cc2,cc2,cc2,cc3,cc3,cc3,cc3, (repeats the
first, second, and then has the third
each line has the all the preceding lines info plus its own.

Any help? My bookeeper is pounding he on the head hard here..... something
about tar and feathers followed by a lynching......

The format listed in the docs is fine, but the actual output is a little

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