[Emerald] Revelation

Brandon Bryant ( nailer@midlink.com )
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 08:57:26 -0500

I ran into an interesting situation that I was wondering if anyone else has

We have two Ascend Maxes and two radius servers running RadiusNT. In the
MAX setup, I set the primary auth server and the secondary auth server

Now, what is happening is when the primary goes down or is unavailable, the
MAX switches to the secondary. Then never switches back to the primary.

So, we replicate our db at night from primary to secondary. So any change
we make to the db during the day is null and void if the server was down
before. It was driving us nuts until I figured that out over the weekend.
I'm going to start a ticket with Ascend today, but has anyone else run
into this, and if so, how did you fix it?

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