[Emerald] boolean search

Tommy Cheng ( tommycheng@pcmagic.net )
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 21:34:17 -0800


In previous version of Emerald (v 2.2.238) boolean search was available
on mbr's, services, names, and etc. For example, if I am searching for
the last name of 'Bigelow', I used to just type in 'gel', and it gives
me a listing of all last names with 'gel' in it. The same principle
applies to services and MBR's. Now I am required to type in either the
last name with the correct beginning character (ex: 'big'), or the
entire last name correctly. I can no longer start in the middle and
find all possible matches. It seems that this function is no longer
available. Is it poosible to restore it?

Tommy Cheng
PC Magic Network

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