[Emerald] crystl32.ocx file

Ben Conner ( ben@webworldinc.com )
Wed, 09 Dec 1998 19:32:07 -0800


What role does the crystl32.ocx file play in Emerald? I am getting an error message "Can't load (or register) custom control CRYSTL32.ocx" when I try to run Emerald.

I recently applied SP4 to NT4. The directory information for the crystlxxx files are:

Directory of M:\WINNT\system32

11/08/98 04:00p 19,194 crystl19.tlb
11/08/98 04:00p 559 crystl32.dep
11/08/98 04:00p 993,996 crystl32.ocx
08/29/96 04:00p 16,086 crystl32.tlb
11/08/98 04:00p 19,194 crystl49.tlb

On an NT server where Emerald still works I have the following:

Directory of C:\WINNT\system32

02/03/97 08:58p 116,224 CRYSTL32.OCX

Can Emerald use the more recent ocx controls? Tried reinstalling it but couldn't get past this file during installation.