Re: [Emerald] Calls On-Line

Daniel Wood ( )
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 22:07:41 -0800

>> >> Every once in a while I get an entry in the Calls On Line that
>> >> has NULL as a user name and a blank IP address
>> >
>> >This is typically from an Ascend. For some reason, it sends those,
>> >expecially when someone makes a connection but doesn't succeed
>> >an authentication. It basically saying the port is cleared.
>> >RadiusNT added the NULL for the username, or else the record
>> >would be fail and continually loop.
>> This is odd because it never happens with my Max 4004 or any of my
>> Max 4048s, it only happens on my Max 6096.
>I believe it is an AOS version thing. I saw it last week helping
>an ISP setup a 4048. I'm not sure what version they were running,

The Max 4048s and the Max 6096 are all using 6.1.17