Re: [Emerald] Emerald 2.5

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 18:06:16 -0800

Daniel Wood wrote:
> >> >Most likely the problem is that the trigger on your calls table did not
> >> >get re-added correctly during the database update. Using Enterprise
> >> >manager, check to see if you have a calls_insert trigger on your
> >> >calls table.
> >>
> >> No theres not.
> >
> >The script insttrig.sql installs the trigger. Load it in isql_w and
> >run it to see if you are getting an error when trying to install it.
> I get these errors and I still don't have a calls_insert trigger
> Msg 207, Level 16, State 2
> Invalid column name 'CallerID'.
> Msg 207, Level 16, State 2
> Invalid column name 'ConnectInfo'.

Ok. The new trigger assumes that you have a CallerID and ConnectInfo
field in your Calls and ServerPorts table. The updttabs.sql add
the columns to the ServerPorts table, but most likely you don't have
in the Calls table, which is causing the problem.

Run these two commands and the trigger should install.

ALTER TABLE Calls ADD CallerID varchar (15) NULL
ALTER TABLE Calls ADD ConnectInfo varchar (32) NULL

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