Re: [Emerald] Bugs in RC1

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 15:53:24 -0800

Franco Nogarin - Cascade Publishing wrote:
> Dont know if these were reported or not but here they are:
> Emerald Administrator
> 1. The Check DB function checks on the database Emerald regardless of what
> it is named.

It actually just runs the checkdb.sql script. Change that script
to reflect your dbname if its not Emerald.

> 2. The Exit button in the Licence Management screen does nothing.

This had been reported and is fixed.

> Emerald Program
> 1. Tools Menu, Invocies does not open the invoices window.


> 2. Emerald has problems with my billing groups and Pay Periods from my other
> emerald.

One big problem that we are seeing with upgrades and the RC0 is that the
"Show Global" option seems to be set off on a lot of the groups.
2.5 now supports this and it WILL cause problems if you have the
for a group that MBRs are in, and do not have everything else configured
correctly to handle it.

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