RE: CallsOnline

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 17:10:22 -0500

As a follow up...

I removed

aaa accounting upadte newinfo

from the Cisco and the caller now stays in the Calls-Online table.. so I am
fairly certain it does have to do with the ACCT-STATUS-TYPE = 3.. now where
and what do I put in to have Calls-Online display the record for type 1 and
3 ????



> Here is what is happening:
> Radius seems to be handling everything fine.. Start record, update
> intermin, and stop...
> However, Emerald 2.3xx gets the start record, displays the user
> in the calls
> online, and then when it gets the:
> update intermin record ACCT-STATUS-TYPE = 3
> the call disappears out of the table.. I assume because the
> equals 3 instead of 1...
> I am going to look at the stored procedures see if I can figure
> it out.. but
> I'm not all that good with SQL.. so if you can reply with a suggestion
> SOON.. I would appreciate it!!
> Thanks,
> Ronnie