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Hello dale

I send you my questions through the list because my question to support is not

I just bought 1000 MBR package, before this I had allready 2 times 500
MBR running

Of those two earlier licences , one had the name IGR and the other Nursing
Data.They where installed in emerald admin and my mbr count was 1000 and
everything was running nice.

however i tried to install the new 1000 mbr, I do like in the mail run the sql
In my admin emerald there are then no MBR's anymore.

I install all keys and the admin will tell me 2000MBR

However when I run emerald I get a license error, the only way to run emerald
is to delete the key named on nursing data.. but my mbr count is then only
1500 8-(

before the extra 1000MBr the two 500MBR where working fine together, can
you explain me what I am doing wrong?

yours sincerely

Sikko de Graaf
S.K. de Graaf
Tel 31-10-5010505
Internet Gate Rotterdam
Your partner in Cyberspace
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