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We offer "Time Based" and "unlimited" monthly plans, our time based plans
consist of 10 hrs/month , 25 and 40 hrs/month. What we do is that when a
user finishes his 10 hours he is disconnected, if he wants more online time
he buys another monthly block... For users that pay several months in
advanced they get their time renewed every first day of the month...

I tried to create a test account for the 10 hours plan: in emerald admin I
added a 10 hr PPP plan with its cost and in the rate field I select a 10
Hour that I had created. In the Rates tab I have my ten hour in which I
selected 10 hour and did not allow overtime ... After all that I tried to
make a 10 hour account but the time usage was not blocked... Did I do
something wrong ? Which should be the process to create the type of
accounts I described?

Humberto Guzman
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