Re: [Emerald] SQL Database Transfers

Glen Harvy ( )
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 08:49:06 +1100


What I omitted from my last message was that since I ran your script, my
"Calls Online" in Emerald no longer works.

Can you tell me how I get that working again please.

At 23:11 16/11/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Glen Harvy wrote:
>> I followed your instructions explicitly using SQL Enterprise Manager. I
>> executed each "segment" separately and in the same order. By "segment", I
>> refer to the instructions between each GO statement.
>> There now exists a table called "CallDetails". I ran your scripts
>> yesterday. The new table is empty.
>> Since running your script, the Calls On-Line in Emerald no longer works.
>> I appreciate the theory in the new table and have no problem with using it
>> - if I can get it to work.
>Most likely the new trigger did not get installed. Check your calls
>table to see if you have an insert trigger named calls_insert on it.
>When you run the create trigger portion of the script, what happens?
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