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Mohammed Ersan ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 08:50:14 +0300

select username,Start=dateadd(ss,-acctsessiontime,calldate),Stop=calldate,framedaddress

from calls

where NASIdentifier="a.b.c.d" ----- the NAS IP Address

and acctstatustype=2 ---- 1=START record 2=STOP record

and framedaddress="a.b.c.e" ----- the USER framed Address

and calldate between "Aug 30 1998" and "Aug 30 1998 23:59" ---- CALL date between

At 01:36 AM 11/12/98 -0500, you wrote:


>Does anyone have a script that can show who was logged on to a particular

>IP Address within a range of time?


>One of my customers thought it would be nice to send out tons of spams and

>I need to find out who it was. The time and date stamp on his spam

>messages narrow it down as well as the IP address it said it came from.


>If anyone has a script that can pull this information, please let me know.


>Thank you.


>Alan D. Criado



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