RE:Online Provisioning and Bay Networks

Duane Schaub ( )
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 22:54:10 "GMT"

We are successfully using the 5399 and 8000 series boxes. We
had a lot of problems until the V.90 was released. They are
very difficult to configure initially... If you are not familiar
with the product, don't expect to open the box and make it work
on the same day like a PM3!

We are still unable to assign Static IP's to a few users. We have
an open ticket on this issue and are having a hard time getting
Bay support to understand the issue.

The boxes are VERY robust but make Cisco look like cake! There are
so many features and the docs are 1800+ pages, that it's difficult
to get all of the options right without leaving security holes or
not being able to authenticate all users. (PAP, CHAP, Clear, etc.)

Also, you will want to disable the built-in HTTP and FTP servers until
a latter release of the Bay OS that supports IP restrictions. The
HTTP server is really cool though.


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From: Mike McCarn<>
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Subject: Online Provisioning and Bay Networks

Hello All,

Is anyone out there using Emerald & RadiusNT with a Baynetworks 5399 access

Also, is there a way to setup online provisioning using Emerald? We would
like to allow people to sign up through our website. If necessary, I could
write the Cold Fusion to do this but I am not sure if this is the best way.
Any thoughts?

Mike McCarn

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