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Mike Miller wrote:
> >We wish to be able to configure RadiusNT to handle dial out on demand
> profiles for our MAX's. Presently we are doing this via the MAX's internal
> profiles via the console, but would like to move them to Radius like our
> dial-in profiles. Ascend says this involves the use of a "pseudo-profile"
> using the name "<name of max>-route-1", and that Radius should be able to
> do it. Basically we need to assign specific IP subnets to dial and connect
> to a customer upon demand for the connection.
> >
> >Has anyone successfully done this with RadiusNT 2.2 using ODBC into a SQL
> 6.5 database? What is the secret to making them work? How can the be
> loaded into the MAX without rebooting the unit?

I haven't really tried it, but don't see why it wouldn't work. The
MAX just requests specific RADIUS users (with ascend as the password
I believe). What have you tried and what results have you had?

The max will query the profiles on a boot and after changed to the
ethernet configuration. I believe there is a switch to turn this on
and off, should you might want to make sure its enabled first.

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