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Adam Greene wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm running an ISP with 650+ customers.
> I am currently putting in a second Channelized T1 (24 channels) into my PM3,
> and my phone company asked me if I want to sign up for a 3-year contract on
> those Channelized T1's. If I do, I save $50 per month on the price of each.
> That sounds attractive, but I don't want to commit myself to a technology
> that will be outmoded before the contract is up.
> Currently my telco doesn't offer ISDN.
> Does anyone have any advice as to whether there's a better technology I
> should be waiting for, or if these Channelized T1's are a rock-solid
> investment?

Just make sure there is a clause in your contract that allows you to
upgrade or change to equivalant or better technology w/out any
penalties. The telco shouldn't have a problem with it, since they are
going to be making money no matter what you get from them.

-- Dale E. Reed Jr.  (daler@iea-software.com)

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