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Dear Homeowner:

Would you like to pay off all your bills? Do some home improvements?
Now you can!

There has never been a better time to take advantage of some of the lowest
interest rates in over two decades!

Zero out-of-pocket expense

Loan proceeds may be used for debt consolidation and/or home improvements, or a portion of loan amount can also be used for any purpose

Consolidate your debts into one, easy, low payment

Increase your cash flow

Pay off all your bills

No equity required! (Up to 135% loan-to-value)

No appraisal required for loan amounts $60,000 or less

Fixed rates and payments

Funding in as little as 7 -10 working days

Terms to 25 years or less

Interest may be tax deductible (Consult your tax advisor.)

1st or 2nd low interest mortgages also available

Here is an example of the savings you could receive:


Credit Card #1 $5,000 $200/mo.
Credit Card #2 $8,000 $320/mo.
Credit Card #3 $7,250 $290/mo.
Personal Loan $7,750 $310/mo.

Total $28,000 $1120/mo.

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