MAPISEND called from Perl Program

George G. Stossel ( (no email) )
Sat, 12 Sep 1998 11:05:58 -0400

I am trying to call mapisend (sendmail) from a Perl 5.003 program.

I have the Exchange server (5.5) profile set up so that I can execute
mapisend from an MS-DOS prompt and it works fine.

I can call mapisend from a Perl program using the system() function and
when I run the Perl program from the MS-DOS prompt it works fine.

If I call the Perl program from an HTML page served up by IIS 4.0 I get
a mapisend error "Mapi Logon Failed: 3". This is the same error I see
if the Exchange profile is not set up for the user mailbox.

Any ideas for solving or debugging the problem would be appreciated. If
anyone has an alternate method for sending mail from a Perl CGI script
would also be appreciated.


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