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Subject: Low Cost Cold Fusion and Java Programming in Pakistan.
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Dear Sir/Madam;

This is to introduce to you our company Advanced Communications PVT LTD. We are a team of programmers in Cold Fusion, Java, Javascript and other web related languages and tools. All of us hold M. Sc. Degrees in Computer Science from top universities in Pakistan and abroad. We are here in Pakistan and offer programming services at greatly reduced prices but very high quality.

We are usually subcontracted for part or all of a software project. Please visit our home page at to see which projects we have done recently.

We usually give you a fixed quote after studying your requirements but on a contract we charge US$15/- per hour for experienced programmer work like Cold Fusion, Java, JavaScript and US$5/- per hour for low end job like data entry, static HTML design etc.

We have references for many companies in US, Europe and Far East which are our very satisfied customers. We can furnish you their contacts if you require and we hope they will give you an excellent recommendation for us.

For any further details, please reply to this e-mail and we will contact you with a detailed proposal.

Thanks and regards.

Nauman Hashmi.
Manager Software Development.

Note: This is a one time mail sent to Cold Fusion developers only.