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Dusan Janjic wrote:
> I am getting frustrated with the lack of any response from Dale or

I understand frustration. We all try our best to help everyone out.
But don't contradict yourself. I HAVE been trying to resolve the
problem and help you. Therefore, I really don't think "the lack of
any response" is correct, as you state below:

> I am still having problems with RadiusNT 2.5 Let me give you the
> of your help so far. Also a note that it works in text mode.

> > This seemed to fix the problem but only partially. I have noticed
> then
> > usual number of users that Radius reports as logged in. Here is the
> portion of
> > the messages from the log file:
> >
> > Fri Aug 28 13:45:42 1998: ODBC Error:23000:547:
> > [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]INSERT statement
> conflicted
> > with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint 'FK__RadLogs__RadLogM__1E1A7EA3'.
> The
> > conflict occurred in database 'Emerald', table 'RadLogMsgs', column
> > 'RadLogMsgID'

> The other common issue is that you don't have any entries in the
> RadLogMsgs table. Because of constraints, you can't put an entry into
> the RadLogs table w/out a defining entry in the RadLogMsgs table.

The rad25_up2.sql script actually includes these lines to do this,
that I sent you below.

> I ran the suggested script and after that I have sent you another
> question to which I never got a response. I also included the folowing
> error log with the same question, but didn't receive anything from

The rad25_up2.sql script includes the updated for all these errors
below. Is it possible that either you didn't run it against
your Emerald database, or you didn't have the permissions to update
the tables? All of the problems you showed each time are solved by
this script. I just have to believe something happened when you tried
to run the script that didn't update your DB correctly.

> After all this users were able to login only in the text mode. I would
> like to fix this and make it work in ODBC mode as well. Can you

Open up isql_w against your SQL Server and make SURE that you change
the active database to emerald (and login as sa). Then re-run this
script and see if it corrects the problems. We tell customers to do
this on a daily basis to upgrade a 2.1 system to work with RadiusNT
2.5 and it works fine for them. Unless you have do some custome
modifications, I can't see it being any different for you system.

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