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From: Glen Harvy <glen@aquarius.com.au>
To: emerald@iea-software.com
Subject: Billing Consolidations......
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 00:50:16 +0200
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Hi Dale,

Did you get this e-mail.

If I must then I will change my billing cycle to the first of the month but
I do need to make that decision within the next couple of days.

Please respond asap.


>>From emerald-return@iea-software.com Thu Sep 17 10:15:38 1998
>X-Sender: root@mail.aquarius.com.au
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>Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 09:46:31 +1000
>To: "emerald@iea-software.com" <emerald@iea-software.com>
>From: Glen Harvy <glen@aquarius.com.au>
>Subject: Billing Consolidations......
>Hi Dale,
>I am using v 2.2.23.
>If I want the Billing Period to start on the 15th, do I set the Expire Date
>to the 14th of the following month or the 15th?
>With regard to your last comment, the invoices for non Credit Cards were
>generated correctly even though the Expire dates are set to the 15th.
>At 22:50 14/09/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Glen Harvy wrote:
>>> I charge my customers as at the 15th monthly. That is, for the period
>>> starting at 0000 on the 15th and until 2359 on the 14th of the month.
>>> I have my accounts set to expire on 09/15/98 on the Billing cycle in the
>>> I ran Call Consolidation on the 15th expecting the call data from
>>> to 09/14/98 to be consolidated and placed in the History table. The
>>> previous time I ran Call Consolidation was on 15th August.
>>> To explain my problem and as an example, on 09/14/98, one of our
>>> record showed TIME ON from 08/15/98 to 09/15/98 as 53 hours. After Call
>>> Consolidation on 09/15/98, TIME ON was calculated by Emerald for the
>>> period as 27 hours.
>>> What APPEARS to have happened is the data from the period prior to
>>> has been consolidated. The data from 09/01/98 remains in the Time On
>>> When I ran call consolidation I entered 09/15/98 as the Invoice Date.
>>> Examining the Call History for the above example customer, the Start
>>> shows 08/15/98 and the time is 45 hours.
>>Things sounds like the old behavior of Emerald 2.1. It consolidated
>>incorrectly based on month boundaries, rather than on the actually
>>cycle. Emerald 2.2 corrects this problem and correctly consolidated on
>>the bondaries like you expect. One note, you may need to consolidate
>>on the next day (the 16th) rather than on the 15th, since the billing
>>cycle doesn't complete until after the 15th.
>>Dale E. Reed Jr. (daler@iea-software.com)
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