Undeliverable: EMERAUTH.DLL & Serv-U 2.4

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To: emerald@emerald.iea.com
Subject: EMERAUTH.DLL & Serv-U 2.4
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 11:51:51 +0200
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I am trying to use Serv-U 2.4 FTP Server with Emerald Database. I have gone
through all the settings and set the configuration as described in EAD
Documentation 2.5 i.e
* emerauth.dll is in SERV-U Directory
* New Settings of EAD system are saved in Registry.

When I start Serv-U FTP SERVER, it gives me an error
PROBLEM: Cannot find/load DLL emerauth.dll (can also happen if the DLL uses
other DLLs which are not available)


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