Re: FTP Serv-U - Default Service Type & others

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 10:10:41 -0700

Kevin wrote:
> 1) Wich would be the database that stores the space limit for FTP dirs? Can
> this be configured on a per user or per service basis?

emer_su doesn't support size limits. This is something we are working
for EmerAuth.

> 2) I have set up one of my services with the default service option, but it
> will still not show up as default when I add a new service to an account

Emerlad 2.2 and lower displays them alphabetically. I believe someone
recommended putting a space in front of the one you want as a default.

> 3) I have finally succeeded in telling emerald my reports are in
> \\server\share , but it will still look for invoice.rpt and invoicecc.rpt in
> the local emerald directory. Are these reports treated different? Can this
> be avoided?

This is a bug in Emerald 2.2. You can specify the full UNC path in the
preferences for the client.

> 4) Minor bug. The credit card type IS correctly store on the DB, but it wont
> display when I select editing an MBR


> 5) What exactly do the NEW and CURRENT buttons stand for in services and
> MBR's?

It is used when the Service type is for an External System. If you
have External systems configured, they are not used.

> 6) How do the extend and limit options work? I believe one stands in a
> permanent basis and the other is a one time only option (cleared after
> payment). Is this right? If so, why is the default limit set to 720 days?

Yes, that is right. I belive the script that creates the database
set the default to this. You can change it in the admin.

> 7) Is there any way I can have two or more different pay periods in ONE MBR?


> 8) What does the OTHER field mean next to Balance in the MBR Billing tab?

Its just a notation field that can be used to track another balance or
external balance (some customers use it to integrate with business

> 9) It would be a good idea to add a small db with sales persons, as to
> automate data entry. Just a small and easy suggestion

This has already been done in the upcoming release.

> 10) Can I get a backup of the call history before consolidation? I have some
> ASPs that allow users to calculate their time online. Disk space is not an
> issue, but I need to have the DB online.

Use our website search and search on "CallDetails". I made a couple of
ports detailing how to setup a parallel table.

> PD: The product is a great idea and very well designed. Congratulations! :)


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