Re: New script

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 21:00:55 -0700

Will LaSala wrote:
> I've created a perl script that does something similar to the radusers.exe
> program. The main difference is that this script will actually create a
> users
> file that will be ready to go as soon as the server crashes. What I mean
> is that with the file that radusers.exe creates, if you have any special
> access
> filters or any strange rad attributes, you would have to manually go through
> and add the quotes around them....pain in the but if you have 2000+
> customers in Emerald. This program fixes that and is customizable (if you
> know perl) It also fixes the ISDN problem in which ISDN is actually a number
> (2) and if it isn't listed as a number the file won't load all the way.

There is an updated version of the radusers that uses three stored
On a heavily loaded system with 20000 users, the old one took ~3 minutes
to run and create the file. The new one has a lot more smarts and
the file directly to disk (and will erase it if it runs into a problem).
On that same system, it only took 18 seconds to write the 20000 users to
the users file. Much better and doesn't make your SQL Server crawl. :)

It also fixes the quotes problem and correctly handles all of the
types correctly (the first one didn't differentiate between them). It
a compiled C application, runs from a command line and can easily be
using SQL Executive. I thought it was in the /emerald/beta directory,
I'll check and make sure the new one is there.

Of Course, I'll also move yours into /emerald/contrib/misc.

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