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Sikko de Graaf wrote:
> Hello dale
> we have a small problem. We are using cable modems at this moment.
> However the fep wich is serving the modems is generating a strange
> NAS port (random) The builders of that product never thought it to be
> important.. 8-(. In emerald for on-line calls I need the NAS ports
> however. It means that I have to configure in emerald 50.000 NAS
> ports will it be working properly. So I have a small question. is it
> possible to use in emerald a part of the NAS port integer?
> fi if a NAS port is 7865454 that we wil only use the last 4 digits
> (5454) of the nas port

The NAS Should only be between 0 and 65535. There isn't a way to
use a portion of the NAS-Port. If you wanted to get tricky, you
could modify the trigger to insert records into the serverports
table rather than update them. This would help, but leads to other
problems that you might need to deal with.

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