Another locale problem in EmerAdm 2.5.45.....hmmmm

Peter A. Sang ( (no email) )
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 13:26:00 +0200

Accounting Config/Taxes:
Enter a Tax (MwSt =VAT, 16% here)

If you enter just '16' for percentage, it works. BUT if you view this
entry, Tax is shown as '16<dot>0', although locale setting is 'comma'
for dec. delimiter.

Now, if you save this entry AGAIN, tax is reset to an EMPTY field.

If I enter i.e. 16,5%, I get the expected error message 'save failed'
from the query below:
UPDATE Taxes SET Description='MwSt.', Tax=16,5, Tax2=0, TaxType=1 Where
TaxID = 1

Same problem as previous post, same fix in query construction.