Re: Beta .126

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 23:51:37 -0700

Duane Schaub wrote:
> I am having the following problems:
> 1. Download the latest file on Beta25: 2.5-b7. Still shows expiration of
> 9/1 and version .126. My previous version was .115. has a client/admin that doesn't expire until the end
of September. You MUST run the setup from before
you can upgrade to b7-2.

> 2. I have run updtabs.sql and I still get errors when starting Emerald.
> After login, I get "Error Loading Operator Access Information". When
> pulling up a customer's account, I get "Error loading services list" and no
> subaccount info is displayed. I have looked some at the codetabs and
> insttabls dated 8/13 and 8/17, but I don't see any differences. I did find
> that there was an email column in the operators table that was not present.

If you want to clear these two, give atleast Select Permissions to
the Emerald group to the Operators and IncidentTypes tables.


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