Re: List of fixes for 2.5.120 ???

Greg Boehnlein ( )
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:03:48 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 16 Aug 1998, Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

> > Consider me your "Clean Install Tester" since I'll be building an Emerald
> > system from the ground up.
> I'll put up a correct insttabs.sql and codetabs.sql that I tested a
> couple days ago (and corrected a few issues with) that should work fine.
> Check the beta25 directory for them.

Thanks.. I'll be setting aside an hour today to try these out. I need to
start using the new RadiusNT for accounting reasons fairly shortly here.
I'll let you know what I find.

> > I've been unable to enter new servers with any 2.5 beta.
> Try the scripts I just put up there. I did add a couple servers to
> it without a problem. I'll try to get a 122 compile up there Monday.

I'll be watching. I won't be working on things until about 2:00 EST, so if
you can get everything up there, I'll let you know.

> > Incidentally, how does RadiusNT handle logging of the "admin" accounting
> > records for ComOS 3.8?
> Fine. If you just add the defaults to the NASPort field (2.5 has the
> defaults in the insttabs.sql) then it should work w/out an issue.

Silly question that I will answer myself, but does the current
insttabs.sql create a CallerID field as well?

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