ANTS: MBR Screen Overfills area
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 22:38:23 -0700

ReportID: 15

User: John Lange
Subject: MBR Screen Overfills area
Date: 1998-08-03 10:41:00

Description: HI
The MBR Screen OverFills the alowed area @ 800 X 600.
1024 X 768 is OK, but none of our client machines use that resolution.
I have NOT tried it a 600 X 480 were most of our clients are at.

JOhn :}


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Subject: MBR Screen size

Description: The MBR screen and all other screen sizes are less than 800x600 (which is
my development Laptop screen size, BTW). I have not tried 640X400, and am
not sure that I want to. :(